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  • Do you Deliver Internationally?
    Yes, we do deliver internationally
  • Do you Customize as well?
    We do not create completely new designs. Customisations in our existing design are possible to a LIMITED extent. A few changes that we make are: 1. Colour Ways 2. Neckline/Blouse Lengths 3. Addition/Removal of Sleeves As long as the crux, of our design stays the same, we are happy to incorporate a few changes based on your personal requirements.
  • How many days do you take to deliver the Outfits?
    Anything embroidered takes 2-3 months. Pieces with lesser/no embroidery (like our silk satin sarees) take 3-4 weeks depending on our schedule. It’s advisable to place your order a couple of months in advance so we dedicate a portion of that time just for you. The sooner you come, the better it is.
  • Do you have a boutique?
    Yes, at Mulund, Mumbai. Contact us to book your appointments.
  • Do you go on sale?
    Yes, we do. Keep following us on Instagram for updates on the same.
  • Do you alter pieces once sold?
    We do trials/fittings when we are delivering an order. Any minor alterations post that are complimentary for a period of 6 months. Alterations post that are chargeable.
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